Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Earth is Cryin’ Lyrics (Earth Hour Tribute)

In support with Earth Hour and tribute to Mother Earth. The Earth is cryin’ with its unpredictable climate change and consecutive natural calamities around the globe.

When the lights are off
In darkness we will build one light
The Earth our home is cryin’ out
Where we will be in the future
Where will be our daughter and sons
Where will it be
Earth is only one, there’s no other one
There’s only one, only one.

Can you hear the trembling sound
The Earth is cryin’, the Earth is cryin’
The stormy tears are falling down
Can you feel the ground
It is tumbling down
Like the heart’s pounding sound
Can you hear it?, can you hear it?

Ohh,oohh the Earth is cryin’
The Earth is cryin’, it’s calling
It’s calling
For you, for you and me.
We can live..we can live as one
With one dream to save the ground
To live on this Earth with harmony
For you, for you
Ohhh, ohhh for you, for you and me.

Support Earth Hour / March 26, 2011  8:30pm - 9:30pm